Who we are

We are a worldwide network of people inspired to transform suffering and separation into wholeness and health. We offer healing through prayer, circles of prayer and energy healing, and share how the simple beauty of healing is a gift that everyone can offer in many various ways and in all aspects of daily and sacred life – the spark of the divine healer is in every being.

We pray for individuals, groups and regions who are in need. Please contact us if you would like to receive healing prayer. We also join together to pray for the healing of our planet.

Our local groups are found in many countries around the world, sharing evening meditations and offering courses and retreats to deepen our practice. All who are interested are welcome to take part.

Healing, in the Sufi tradition, ranges between a spontaneous opening of the heart towards those in need, and a subtle inner science of development through awareness, breath, energy, light and spiritual communion. It is compatible with and can enhance most therapies and techniques.

The foundation of healing is compassion. Its essence, for both healers and those receiving healing, is when the indwelling wisdom in the heart of a person or group opens into resonance with the Source – we may call it the Holy Spirit, Love, Light, the Divine Healer, the Divine Mother, the One, the Universe, Allah, God.

Inayatiyya Healing is inspired by the Sufi vision of love, harmony and beauty brought by Hazrat Inayat Khan. It is an inclusive path, honouring all sacred healing traditions. Through the mystery of divine healing, humanity may contribute to birthing a universal consciousness.


Sarida Brown