10 - 11 April 2021
with Conductors Day Friday 9 April 2021

'To clear one's mind of fear is like bringing light into a dark room,
and as light is needed to illuminate a dark room
so the light of the soul is necessary to clear away the thought of fear.'
Hazrat Inayat Khan


Loss and creating the new, dying to the old and being re-born: these realities that are an ever present truth, we are now living with more clearly in this time of Covid. The rituals of Easter, of Inanna, Persephone, Isis and Osiris and so many mystical traditions, are being enacted now in the outer world in every person, family and community.

Through this experience, we receive the opportunity to surrender – into the unknown, into the truth of our being, into a new vision of our lives and of humanity. Can we see with new eyes, welcome emerging new values, trust the creative power of the heart? As we witness the dying of the old, how may we live the rebirth, the resurrection, in our time?

Through sharing, meditation and sacred practices, we will:

  • explore the nature and effect of our fears: of change, of loss, of death
  • share how to free our hearts from being oppressed by fear
  • find the safety that comes in embodied awareness
  • realise our experiences as a wave pattern of opposites in the ocean of life
  • listen to Murshid’s deep teaching about healing fear through trust
  • surrender into the presence and reality of Unity
  • listen in our hearts: what is this situation asking of us; how may we heal into the new?


Sarida Brown, Amina Feliou, Qalbi Enjalbert, Rahima van Hattem, NadiaQalbi Siddique, Latifa Weiss and IH leaders in Europe.


The Retreat is open to anyone, anywhere in the world, who is interested in healing. No prior involvement is required.

On Zoom, in English, French, German and Polish

Schedule: 8.30UK/9:30 CET to 16.30UK/17:30 CET
Lunch break: 12.30UK/13:30 CET to 14.30UK/15:30 CET

Cost: For 10-11 April: a sliding scale of 80€ to 40€, or what you can afford.
For Conductors Day, 9 April: a sliding scale of 30€ to 5€, or what you can afford.

Registration: To register, there are two steps for you to take:


1. Please pay your fee into the Inayatiyya Healing International bank account.

The account is:


Name of Bank: Barclays
Address: Leicester, LE87 2BB, Sort Code: 20-29-24,
Account number: 47353022
IBAN: GB93 BUKB 20292447353022



Name of Bank: Barclays,
Address: Leicester, LE87 2BB,
Sort Code: 20-29-24
Account number: 63696863


2. Then, click here and fill in the online application form.


If you have any questions please write to our IHI Administrator Helena Doku at: office@inayatihealingorder.org



We look forward to welcoming you all
and sharing our sacred space with you.