Mental Purification and Healing

Hazrat Inayat Khan


Mental Purification and Healing is a volume rich in both quantity and quality. It offers beautiful insights into the world of the mind in its relation to the body on the one hand, and to the soul on the other. Interestingly, in the conception of Hazrat Inayat Khan, the mind includes the heart: thinking and feeling are not separate. The matter is discussed from three different angles.

In The Book of Health Hazrat Inayat Khan presents a picture of health and healing which rises above the controversies between traditional and 'western' professionals. Moreover it appeals directly to both ordinary man and healers. It sets forth the basic laws governing the divine healing power as well as several methods for its application.

Quite another perspective is offered in Mental Purification. This collection of papers deals with the workings and hygiene of the mind and heart. One comes to the umderstanding how to 'manage' the mind, both for living the everyday life and for spiritual development. Spirituality is not leaving the world physically or mentally. Rather it implies how to deal with life and yet keep your balance by proper attunement.


The Mind-world expands on this subject-matter resulting in a sort of travel-guide through the world of the mind. Although it is highly practical, yet it never substitutes for your own options and decisions. It is like a foundation on which to build your individual life.