Healing With Light: The Healing Glance

by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Imagine that you are exposed to a bright light and adjust your whole attunement so as to be receptive to light and enjoy the feeling of being flooded with light, then begin to realize that this makes you become conscious that you are a being of Light.


The next stage consists of becoming aware of one's own light rather than passively accepting a light cast upon you and that is the moment of breakthrough when you become conscious that you are the light. This starts by being conscious of one's aura and you will find this particularly so if you concentrate on the heart centre because the heart centre is the centre of the aura.

The best way to do this is to see one's heart centre as the sun and concentrate on the centripetal radiance of the sun around the shoulders, the head, and all around the body.

The next thing is to connect up the light of one's aura with its source, otherwise one would become a light unto oneself. The secret of this is to concentrate on the crown centre by turning one's eye­balls upwards and experiencing the light above one's head. In turning your eyeballs upwards you have a totally different experience of your aura than you have when concentrating on the heart centre. One has a feeling of rising higher and higher, of going up and up. Light seems to catapult upwards like water in a fountain and fall again in all directions around you. You have to experience this for yourselves as it is an indescribable experience.

In time you may discover a kind of beam or column of light descending and ascending and this seems to be the umbilical cord linking your aura with the aura of the universe and you feel that your are drawing this light energy down into the umbilical cord.

So you can imagine the fountain of light and, in the centre of the fountain, a column of light moving downwards. It is most inter­esting to allow your consciousness to be lifted right up there, leaving your body on the ground. Then you do not identify with your aura any more, you identify instead with the light that is energizing your aura. You seem to become the light that is ener­gizing your aura.

This is extremely helpful for healing with light because healing with your aura will depend upon how much light you can emanate. The light that you emanate has to be drawn from a source beyond yourself so that there is a limitation in the light from the aura; whereas if you can identify yourself with the universal light, and this means losing your own personal identity, the amount of light that comes through is incomparable.

One of the ways of channeling that light is through the third eye. The third eye is a wonderful instrument of healing if you know how to use it and these are the practices which I suggest doing.

Close your eyes and become aware of the light that radiates from your eyes. The eyes are both receptive to light and also radiate light, so you are conscious of two beams of light receiving and radiating. All this has been ascertained, although most of us are unable to see the light emanating from other people. It is like an extension of the eyes. One can experience this beam of light reaching out in the same way that one can experience radiation from the hands.

For a daily practice, simply concentrate on those two beams of light and on nothing else. You will soon realize that these two beams of light originate in the crown centre, and in that beam of light which descends in the middle of the chakra. You are simply the instrument of the divine light which descends through the crown chakra and which is refracted and passes through your two eyes.

To strengthen your glance you can converge those two beams of light so that when they cross they form a spotlight suspended in the dark at any distance you choose. Concentrate very intensely on that light. You can even move that spotlight forward out into space and it will give you the feeling of being drawn out there, for it pulls you in its wake.

Now that we have developed some power in the glance, concentrate on the third eye once more as a beam of light and see if you can make the beam of the third eye converge on the spotlight so that you now have three beams of light converging on the spot­light. It is easier to think of the third eye as the beam that de­scends through the crown centre and is now cast forward and refracted by the pineal gland.

The beams seen by the eyes serve as railway lines giving direction. Now forget the rails and concentrate on the beam of the third eye. Cast it forward into infinity and always be conscious of the light that de­scends and is refracted through your third eye. Try to think of the beam of the third eye as being violet in colour. Now see if you can remove your centre of consciousness from the third eye so that you do not concentrate on it any more. Inhale, turn the eyeballs upwards and reach higher and higher. Now revert to normal position but keep your con­sciousness above so that you seem to look down upon the third eye on the earth like a radar scanner.

Remember the practice of setting your eyes at infinity. See if you can do that with your eyes open. Never descend but remain high up in your consciousness projecting light downwards. Inhale, turn eyeballs upwards including the third eye, then hold your breath and remain very strongly centred into the uncreated light. Exhale, bring your eyeballs down, open up your eyes, yet you never descend but keep your consciousness very high and be conscious of radiating light through your third eye. Then you inhale again raising eyeballs upwards.

This is the healing glance and you notice that you envisage a totally different exterior world which looks simply like a projection, that which is apparent while you are conscious of that which transpires behind that which is apparent.

That is the healing glance, the glance that breaks through the surface and unlocks the secret of the heart, is creative and brings forth all that is hidden in the depth of a being that God may become a reality in him. That is the glance of the Masters. This is a totally different type of energy to that used with the hands. Practise it every day and it will give you the healing glance.


This article was first published in Caduceus Journal issue number 3, Spring 1988. http://www.caduceus.info