Working with Magnetism

by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

The physical world is not at all the way it appears, and cannot be reduced to those phenomena that can be analysed or measured in a laboratory. One might say that we exist at several levels, and normally we are using only very few of our faculties. If you want to heal, you have to call into action faculties which are not usually used, like a muscle of the body that has not been used for a long time. The Tibetan Buddhists say 'The body is a wonderful instrument in order to foster awakening'. I would add that the body is a wonderful instrument in which to foster those forces which will help a person to heal.


In order to do so, one has to transform, or at least modulate, some of the physiological functions of the body that have not been used that way before. The Tibetans give a very good example of this in their use of concentration and sound to work on the chakras, which in turn affect the endocrine and immune systems. We can use practices of meditation and breathing as exercises to help healers to get in touch with those forces in our being which have not been sufficiently developed.

The body acts like a magnet and is surrounded by an electromagnetic field. Scientific research has found that where an animal or a human has been wounded, the electro­magnetic field of that part of the body which has been affected is greatly enhanced, just as the T-cells go to the rescue of a part of the body which has been infected. One can say that the electromagnetic field is the mould in which the body is being formed. This research has led to very tangible results, like helping older people to regenerate broken bones.

Perhaps you have heard of Mrs Olga Worrall. She was a wonderful healer, who performed remarkable cures. Scientists examined her in laboratories in the US and found that her hands radiated a measurable electromagnetic field, like a very powerful magnet, and she could create the same effects as a magnet. She could increase the surface tension of water, the hydrogen bonding of water, the crystallization of sulphur crystals, enhance the growth of plants, change the colour of crystals, and even cause movement in a mist chamber. These are scientific phenomena that can be measured in a laboratory. However, she was also able to perform the same things at a distance, which a magnet cannot do. Therefore the power which she was using was not simply that of an electromagnetic field, but something greater which we may call the Life Field. The electromagnetic field and the aura are components of this complex composite field.

At this time, we are going to look at practices that work with the electromagnetic field. Dr Motoyama in Tokyo created a cell in order to measure this field. The subjects of the experiment were asked to stand in the cell and meditate. He found that the electromagnetism emitted by the body increased tremendously with meditation. It is important for healers to know that by doing the appropriate meditations they are able to enhance the electromagnetic field.

1st Practice: Earth-Heaven Polarity

The first practice is working with the polarity between earth and heaven, between the magnetic field of the earth, or the geomagnetic field, and what I would call a celestial force, which is probably what one understands by pure spirit A paradigm which might help us to understand what we mean by these two forces would be that the force of the earth is high wattage/low voltage, and pure spirit is high voltage/low wattage.

First exhale, and extend your exhaling as long as you can. Now inhale, starting with the abdomen and then the chest. Now exhale a little longer if you can. Inhale without effort. Now continue, identifying with your electromagnetic field, instead of with your body. As you exhale, experience that field extending, and as you inhale, feel the electromagnetic field of the planet rushing in and building itself up as your magnetic field. There is no boundary. It is just like a vortex in a lake.

Now as you inhale, can you experience the earth magnetism rising in your spine, making a quantum leap from one chakra to the next, from one plexus to the next? Then as you exhale, can you experience pure spirit descending through the top of the head? Imagine a cavity at the top of the head, and pure spirit, the high voltage energy, descending, threading itself down through the spine, permeating through the whole body with a very high frequency energy.

2nd Practice: Compasses and Buds

Now again, as you exhale, experience the dilation of your magnetic field into the environment, and as you inhale, draw the environment into your magnetic field. Now I suggest that you imagine little compasses, all around you at a distance of one foot. As you exhale the magnetic needles of the compasses deflect away from the body, and as you inhale they deflect towards the body. Breathe very slowly.

Now in your imagination, place the compasses a little further away, say three feet. Think of the compasses as being inside your magnetic field. And now, six feet from your body. You have to exercise a little more power to deflect the needles. If you do this practice every day, you will begin to become aware of your magnetic field, sense it to be like the field of a magnet, whenever you are walking or sitting. The secret is to identify with that field. As you get used to this practice, you begin to realize that there is no limit to the expanse of your magnetic field.

The next step consists in imagining buds opening up, instead of magnets. Imagining buds surrounding your body, at a distance of about one foot that open up as you exhale. As you inhale you concentrate on the lotus in your heart centre, and it opens as you inhale. The buds unfurl the more you exhale. So you are applying the energy that you have scooped out of the universe to open these buds. Now increase the distance to three feet... Now to six feet.... and further and further...

The thought is, like the song 'Where'er you go, the blushing flowers shall rise, and all things shall flourish'. Imagine that you are sitting in nature and as you sit there everything begins to blossom forth. Wherever you go, you are communicating life.

3rd Practice: Directing energy to the hands

As you inhale, feel the earth energy threading up through your body. If you are sitting on a chair, feel it filtering through the soles of your feet. As you exhale, you are conscious of drawing energy from the top of the head down through the heart centre, then through the arms and right out through the palms of the hands. Your palms are turned upwards. So remember as you inhale you are drawing earth energy upwards and as you exhale you are drawing celestial energy downwards. Instead of 'celestial' you could say 'pure spirit'.

Breathe slowly in this way, for eleven breaths. Then, without touching your body, sweep the energy from the heart centre down through the arms, into the palms of the hands and into the fingers, first by using your right hand to sweep down your left arm 3 times, and then use your left hand to sweep down your right arm three times. Now you have the energy in your fingers. You can test it by placing your hands behind your back, at the base of your spine, and you can feel the energy flowing into your spine from your own hand. It gives you confidence in your ability to communicate the energy of the magnetic field, which is the most elementary of the energies. You can do the same thing with your solar plexus, and also your temples.

So we are becoming aware of our magnetic field. Each chakra is a kind of junction within the whole system. You can take your right hand and place it in front of your heart centre, and moving it anticlockwise, swirl the magnetic field in front of your heart centre. It is a technique that is used by healers in order to help depollute the heart. The resentment that people have creates pollution within the life field. This will help to purify it. It is like unscrewing it, or opening a valve.

You can do the same thing over the thymus gland, between the heart and the throat, which the Tibetans call the Wheel of Fire. Apparently, this centre is blocked by fear. This anticlockwise motion is an easing motion, and so there is a reduction of fear.

And do the same action first by your right temple, and then by your left temple. (Pay attention to the appropriate direction on each side of your head). Now over the top of your head. You feel a churning action of the magnetic field above the head. Do not put your hands on top of your head, but over your head, because the quality of the energy at the top of the head is much more subtle than the energy of the hands. You will find that a person who has developed psychic power has a magnetic field and aura which is much more extensive around the head than around the trunk of the body.

Magnetism - Hazrat Inayat Khan

One of the aspects of personal magnetism is physical magnet­ism, which has three kinds of attraction. One kind comes because the mechanism or the body is working properly, regularly, when the circulation of the blood is right and when proper care is taken of the body; the next depends on the attractiveness of the form and features with which a person is born; and the third is caused by harmonious movement. The person who lacks any of these three things will naturally lack magnetism. As there is the blossoming of the trees so there is the time in a person's life when he blossoms, a time which is called youth, when this magnetism expresses itself in its fullness. It comes as a season and it goes as a season.

The second aspect of magnetism is the magnetism of mind. A person of thought and wit, one who is quick to grasp something and apt in expressing his ideas to others, naturally has magnetic power. This magnetism of thought can also be divided into three kinds. One is thoughfulness. A thoughtful person may not perhaps speak one word, nor do anything, but the very fact that he is thoughtful will attract others to him. The next way in which the magnetism of mind manifests is in the form of speech, of wit, of expression. Those who are in the presence of a man who has a living mind are immediately won by his magnetism. And the third kind of magnetism of the mind is the power of perception and conception. There are people to whom we at once feel attracted, to whom we feel close, who understand us and what we say and what we mean. Such a person need not speak or explain anything in order to show his magnetic power. He may sit before us and listen to us, and while we are talking to him we feel at one with him.

The third aspect of magnetism is the magnetism of heart. It is more powerful than the magnetism of mind, for the latter touches the surface whereas the magnetism of heart touches the depths of a person. The heart can be best described as a glowing fire if it is living, but when it is dead it is like frozen snow. Magnetism of heart needs no expression, for a person with a loving heart is indubitably magnetic. Therefore no one should profess to love, for love speaks for itself; it needs no words. The fire does not cry out, 'I am burning!' The heat of the glow is felt without words.

The magnetism of the heart can also be divided into three kinds. One is the heart that receives love. It has the magnet­ism of the moon; the cooling effect of the moon is seen in the beloved soul. Then there is the heart that loves, and this has a more powerful magnetism, a magnetism which can be likened to the sun, which is powerful and which shines. And the third kind of love is greater, finer, and more subtle than the two mentioned above: it is developed when the love becomes a continually springing fountain, which rises as a stream and falls as many drops. It is the love of souls who cannot help but love, the love of souls who only know love, not hate; the love of souls who are no longer the possessors of love but who have become love itself. Their magnetism spreads in a wider horizon and lasts longer than one could ever imagine.

The fourth and highest aspect of magnetism is the magnet­ism of the soul. The soul that is born again, the soul that has begun to live, the soul that has opened its eyes to the world, that soul not only attracts the wise and the virtuous, but also those who are devoid of wisdom and who lack virtue. The presence of souls who have awakened is itself a magnetism; it draws people walking on the earth and it draws souls that are not seen on the earth. It not only draws the living beings, the lower creation, but also the trees and plants are drawn to it. The atmosphere that an awakened soul produces lives for centuries in this world, unbroken and unpolluted. The sky takes care of it and preserves it for generations, in order to experience and enjoy this atmosphere produced by the illu­minated souls. And the third way in which the illuminated soul shows its magnetism is in words and acts, so that every word becomes dynamic, in Biblical terms a tongue of flame; and everything this soul gives to the world remains, it lives and never dies.


This article was first published in Caduceus Journal issue number 2, Winter 1987.