Prayer for the Heart of the World

You to whom we belong
         to whom we have always belonged
         to whom we will always belong
You who sustain our being
         who sustain our life
         who sustain our breath
You who came before everything
         who will follow after all
         who live everywhere, always
Giver of life, giver of breath
You, the mystery in our breath
         the light in our breath
         the breath of our breath
You who are life
         without whom there is no life
         in whom there is no death
You, the bestower of being
         the essence of being
         pure and endless being
You who are the root
         the source of all that is
         the spring of what we are
                  and what we might yet be
You whose name is every name
         whose form is every form
         yet whom no name can contain
                  no form can enclose
Sower of countless seeds
         Reaper of boundless harvests
We call upon You
         we invoke You
         we ask you to witness
                  our witness of you
We ask to receive
         all that you have to give us
And we ask to be shown
         how to answer as is fitting
         what to give of ourselves in turn
Creator, you will give us, we trust
         what we need
         what we need to be
                  what You have created us to be
Creator, we seek to serve you
         and to serve Your creation
         make of us the servants
                  You would have in Your service
Cleanse and purify us
         wash away our stains
         pour over us the water
                  of Your purity
Make us new again
         give us every moment new life
         by Your resurrecting touch
Our bodies are Your temples
         help us to keep them pure and holy
Our hearts are Your shrines
         may no forgetfulness enter them
Our souls are Your altars
         may they stand to exalt You
When we have fallen, lift us
         when we falter, steady us
         heal us
         protect us
         and make us strong with Your strength
Give us, in all of our fibers, purity and life
         Make strong our limbs
         bolster our bones
         infuse our blood
         fortify our hearts
         cleanse our vessels
         make sound every organ in us
                  that we may serve you
                           to the fullest of our power
You who make the sun shine
         brighten our eyes with clear vision
You, the Voice that speaks in every whisper and call
         give us ears that can hear You
Let our senses be for You
         sight and hearing and smell and taste and touch
                  vivid, pure, and true
Our minds, we know, are mirrors
         held up to Your traces and signs
         make their reflections clear
                  clear and bright and true to life
Your light is what we thirst for
         send it to us, we pray
                  in the measure of our thirst
Illuminate our path as we travel this earth
         and when we pass beyond it
Light our way with the sun by day
         with the moon by night
         and with the light of Your Face
                  when night and day
                           are behind us
Creator, You made us of Your own purity
         You made us of Your wholeness
                  Restore us, again, to simplicity
                  We have broken
                  Make us again whole
Creator, make us whole in ourselves,
         whole in the world
         And whole in the unity of all that is
                  whole in the unity that You are
You sustain us
         and sustain too all that walks and crawls
                  all that burrows and swims and flies
                  all that grows, unfurls, and blossoms
         give us the vision and power
                  to protect all you have brought to life
Sustainer, the earth is a wonder
         its mountains and oceans, its valleys and rivers
                  all unspeakably holy
                  all brimming with a beauty
                           that can never be spoken
We ask Your blessing on the earth
We ask Your blessing on all
         that comes from the earth
We ask Your blessings on the stars and planets
         without number
We ask Your blessing on all that comes
         from the stars and planets
                  without number
We desire, in our bodies
         in our hearts, in our souls
                  and between us
                  and between all breathing beings
         a harmony like the harmony
                  of the stars and planets
                           shining and whirling for Your sake
         a music
                           like the music of the spheres
You have brought us forth
         we were not always here
                           and we will not long linger
         give us the courage and grace
                  to fulfill the purpose
                           for which You sent us
Our span is too brief, we know,
         to waste in discord and resentment
                  teach us kindness, forgiveness,
                           and such peace of mind and heart
                                    as will unite us with You
                                             and all that live within You
Healer of our bodies, hearts, and souls
         Heal, we pray, the divisions that divide us
                  men and women
                  the old and the young
                           people of pale skin and dark skin,
                           followers of this prophet and that
                                    we all belong to you
                                    keep us united in remembrance of You
                                             and in service to each other
All who are hungry,
         we pray, may they be fed
All who are wounded,
         we pray, may they be healed,
All who are suffering,
         we pray, may they find relief,
All who are in danger,
         we pray, may they find protection,
All who are dying,
         we pray, may their passage be sanctified
                  with the light of Your grace
You who are the truth
         May we awaken to Your truth
         May we flourish in Your light
         May we walk in remembrance
         May we unite in the service of Your creation
May this creation thrive in the glory
         of Your endless blessings
And may all that has come from You
         return to you
                  in wisdom
                  in joy
                  and in peace.



Pir Ziya Inayat Khan