Two Year International Healing Training Course

Self-healing, energy healing, distant healing and healing community and planet.

Spiritual healing is one of the great mercies that flow through this world. To enter into its current and learn its ways is a sacred work. In this way our souls are reminded of their purpose in coming to earth. As the inner and outer dimensions of being are reunited, life becomes whole again. Sufi Healing has this transmission in its care.

Pir Zia


This training in spiritual healing is responding to the transformative and creative needs of our time. Healers work at the interface between pain (individual, collective and cosmic) and the harmony, wholeness and unity which are ever-present in Divine Love and Universal Intelligence. Our path as healers (and we are all healers) is through refining our resonance with the gifts of mind, heart, soul and spirit, and honouring nature.

Sarida Brown

The teaching

Based on the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Pir Vilayat Khan and Pir Zia Inayat-Khan, with an inter-cultural approach with other traditions. It will give the opportunity for focused development, inspiration, and personal transformation. Each student will be supported in identifying their particular healing path and evolving their practice. Teaching will be in plenary sessions and small groups, with some individual sessions with teachers.

Seminar Question Box

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Below you will find an extensive range of materials for the participants of the Two Year International Healing Training Course. All the resources, whether in the form of text or audio recordings, have been grouped into six groups in accordance with the following Seminars. In each group you will find study materials, seminar materials, homework materials and webinar materials.

The Five Elements • Work with Shadows • Breath Subtle Bodies • The Physical Body: Breath and Grounding, Embodiment.
Rhythm and Breath • Practices Directing the Breath • Practices for Rhythm - Qasab
The Messiah • The Nafs • The Heart • Distant Healing • Boundaries and Spiritual Bypassing Zikr i-Jarub
The Holly Spirit • Healing with Light • Attuning to the Condition of the Holy Spirit • Four Humour Theory in Hikmat and Tibb • Healing through Magnetism and Amulet Making • Planes in Healing.
Healing with the Glance • Planes of Light • Self Protection for Healers • The Master’s Glance, The Healer’s Glance • Healing with Light: The Healing Glance • Planes in Healing.