Seminar 1

Base Chakra

Keep a Healing Journal

A notebook specially dedicated to your experiences of all aspects of healing: how you become more aware of healing yourself; noting experiences with your healing practices; healing you receive; healing you give; any item about healing that touches you on the radio, TV, book, newspaper, course or conversation. Try to write in it every day, or at least several times a week, as short or as long as you wish. This is for your private record, not required for showing as course work.


Awareness Breath

Sit or lie down. Let go of everything except attention to your inhaling and exhaling. Let your mind relax on your breath. For several minutes until you are balanced in your breathing.

Bring your awareness into your sensations, the experience of your body. Relax and breathe into these experiences, letting your body show you where it needs your attention to rest. For a few minutes.

  • Let go of awareness of your body. Bring your awareness into your feelings, your emotions. For a few minutes.
  • Let go of awareness of your feelings. Bring your awareness into your thinking, your thoughts. For a few minutes.
  • Let go of awareness of your thoughts. Let your awareness open into awareness of awareness: open, boundless…


Five Element Breaths

Relax, breathing your natural breath. As you do the breath pattern for each element in turn, attune with the cosmic element and experience its qualities within you. Experience the purification of your being on all levels: physical, mental, heart, soul, spirit. 5 breaths for each element, or longer.

Earth: Inhale nose, exhale nose
Qualities: nurturing, solidity.
Movement: spreading horizontally.
Colour: yellow-brown.
Sense: touch.

Water: Inhale nose, exhale mouth
Qualities: fluidity, purifying, giving life.
Movement: downwards.
Colour: green.
Sense: taste.

Fire: Inhale mouth, exhale nose.
Qualities: enthusiasm, transmutation.
Movement upward.
Colour: red.
Sense: smell.

Air: Inhale and exhale mouth
Qualities: freedom, releasing from constructs, cosmic identity.
Movement zig-zag.
Colour: blue.
Sense: hearing.

Ether: Very fine breath inhaling and exhaling through the nose
Qualities: 'emotion of the soul'. Peace. Unity.
Movement: stillness.
Colour: white.
Sense: sight.


To become more able to sense and to transmute energy for healing.

  • At different times of day, sense the state of balance of the Elements in your breath and choose the Element breath to bring balance (you don’t have to stop whatever else you are doing).
  • About once a week, sit with another person and sense the balance of Elements in their being.


Five Pointed Star

Lying flat, start by being aware of your heart beat and find the number of heart beats to each comfortable inhale. Breathe equal number of heart beats for inhale, hold, exhale.

The best time to practise is the early morning. About 5 minutes. Think the words Shafee (inhale) – (hold) – Kafee (exhale).
Shafee: The Divine Healer, the Source of all healing.
Kafee: the All-Sufficient Power of Healing.

While inhaling, direct the breath to the part of the body that is to be reached. The breath touches that part on the inhale. Feel the breath reaching this part. Experience the breath as a stream of light moving through your body. It may take weeks or months to be able to do this.

  • Direct the breath first to the soles of the feet. It may take some weeks to feel this.
  • In the next period of weeks, direct the breath to the palms of the hands.
  • Then direct the breath to the forehead.
  • Then to the solar plexus.
  • Then one is able to direct the breath to any part of the body which needs healing.

Take the soles of the feet for 4 weeks, then palms for 4 weeks etc. 5 minutes per day maximum.


Five Aspects of Breath

1. Depth
Be conscious with every breath, especially of the inhalation. The air fills the lungs, and through the lungs it passes into the blood stream, thence by the motion of circulation regulated by the heart it reaches every cell of the body. It resurrects every part of your being, and you die and are reborn with each breath. Feel life giving the vitality of the breath as it flows into your extremities, fingertips, palms, soles and scalp. Fill yourself with the environment. Feel sustained and resuscitated by that which is outside of your self, filling the self like a vortex in the sea.

2. Length
Be conscious of the reverse: focus on the exhalation and the breath emptying into the environment, releasing that which is old, worn, used. become transparent and empty in every cell. Feel the relaxation of release, the ability to let go completely. No forethought of future, no concern of consequence, release the grip on life. Let the breath fill the environment, let it be digested by nature, by the plants and trees. Exhale so that your lungs are truly emptied.

3. Volume or Capacity
Be aware of the capacity for breath in your body, of the extent of expansion of your abdomen and chest. Let your breast open and your heart soften. Obstructions dissolve.

4. Centre
Recognize that every breath we draw, consciously or unconsciously reaches a central point. Resolve to draw the breath down into the abdomen beneath the navel into the nafs centre. Allow the emergence of empty space, capacity, where there once was tension. Life of breath clears obstruction, simply by the conscious act of breathing with full presence.

5. Rhythm
Without regulating your breath, be aware of your breath. The simple act of consciousness brings your breath into its natural rhythm. Experience it, know it, recognize it as your own, through the feeling in your body. Experience the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling and the echo of pulsation from the heart and throughout the rest of your body.

Rest in the expanding, harmonizing of awareness that your breath carries you into for some minutes.

This practice is advised, to develop the awareness, quality and power of the breath.
While breathing a natural breath, place your awareness on the first aspect, depth, for 4 weeks; then length for 4 weeks; Volume for 4 weeks, etc. Finally, if time, combine all 5 aspects.



  • October: How do I lose energy? How do I gain energy?
  • November: What does my body need? When I listen to it, what is it telling me?
  • December: In what ways could I honour my Shadow? How can I leave space for the expression of my Shadow without hurting others?
  • January: When I say 'I am happy', 'I am sad', 'I am healthy', ‘I am sick', who is the 'I'? Are you the experience or the experiencer of the state? Who is the observer of the state?