Seminar 5

The Master’s Glance, The Healer’s Glance
Self Protection for Healers

Concentration and healing

The power of concentration is the first thing necessary to develop healing power. The healer must be able to hold steadily the thought for the cure of his patient whenever he requires. [...] The work of the mind in healing is much greater than in anything else, for it is using the power of the mind on matter; and matter, which has been a disobedient slave of the spirit for ages, through the mineral, through the vegetable, and even through the animal kingdom always rebels against being controlled.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Volume IV – Mental Purification and Healing,
Part II: Healing, Chapter III, The Development of Healing Power, The Power of the Mind


...The concentration of a healer should be so developed that not only when sitting in meditation and closing his eyes can he visualize the desired object, but that even with his eyes open he should be able to hold fast the picture that his mind has created in spite of anything that may be before his eyes. In healing it is necessary to know what picture one should hold in one's mind. If the healer should happen to hold the picture of a wound, he would help the wound to continue instead of being healed; and so if he thought of pain it might perhaps be continued more intensely by the help of his thought. It is the cure that he should hold in mind; it is the desired thing that he must think about, not the condition.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Volume IV – Mental Purification and Healing, Part II: Healing,
Chapter III, The Development of Healing Power, The Power of Concentration


Healing with the glance

To a healer, therefore, there is no better means than the eyes to send his thought of healing; and there is no better means of receiving this thought in the patient than his eyes. The healer can send the healing power through his glance to the painful part of the body, but it is more helpful still when he sends his power direct to the eyes of the patient. As there is a link between the mind and the eyes of the healer who sends the power, so there is a link between the eyes and the mind of the patient who receives it. Medicine can touch the physical body, but thought can touch the mind, where the root of every disease often is; and a suggestion that a powerful healer gives to his patient reaches his heart and destroys the germ of disease.

The eyes of every person are not capable of healing. It is the penetrating glance and stillness of the eyes, then the power of the glance and ability to aim, that are necessary. These are developed by certain exercises, though some eyes have a natural ability for this purpose. Also, concentration of mind which gives power is necessary in healing, for power of mind directed by the glance brings about a successful result.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Volume IV – Mental Purification and Healing,
Part II: Healing, Chapter VI, The Application of Healing Power, Healing by Glance


The power of healing is greater than the power of the channels one uses to heal, such as the fingertips or eyes. The eyes have more power than the fingertips. They are fine, and the power that manifests though them is radiant, while it is not so radiant in the fingertips.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Volume IV – Mental Purification and Healing,
Part II: Healing, Chapter I, The Main Aspects of Healing, Breath


Heal my soul by the all-sufficient power that comes from the glance of Thy Messiah.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Sayings, Alankaras (Fanciful expressions of ideas)


The masters glance

The glance of the seer is penetrating, and in this it differs from the glance of the average man. It has 3 qualities. The first is that it penetrates through the body, mind and soul. The second is that it opens, unlocks and unfolds things; it also possesses the power of seeking and finding. The third quality characteristic of the glance of the seer is more wonderful. It is this: as it falls upon a thing, it makes that thing as it wants to make it. It is not actually creating it, but it is awakening in it a particular quality which was perhaps asleep...

The first characteristic of the glance of the seer, penetration, depends upon clearness of vision. The second characteristic, the uncovering of objects, depends upon the illumination of the soul. But the third, the greatest, comes from confidence in the self, called iman.

Hazrat Inayat Khan – Volume XIII – The Gathas,
Part II Kashf: Insight, Gatha I, 3. The Glance of the Seer


Nazare Inayat

The transmission of grace through the glance, especially through Nazare Inayat, the transmission of loving-kindness, happens when one dedicates one’s glance to God’s own vision. One's glance is no longer an extension of one's ego. Instead we are connected with the wholeness of life. We must unlearn our habitual way of looking.

Pir Zia Inyat Khan